Monday, August 28, 2006

Vietnamese police dispatch dildo-sniffing dogs to Chinese border

"Police and market inspectors Thursday confiscated the illegal shipment, which included more than 10,000 tablets of Viagra, sex toys and sexual stimulants in the form of tablets, powder and liquid hidden in a truckload of onions, the Laborer newspaper said."

And how could they have found them without the aforementioned dildo-sniffing dogs?

Chinese sex toys confiscated in Vietnam

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My next car

It's little, it's electric, it goes 40 miles an hour. Which means it will get me to the park and ride! It's the ZAP Xebra Electric Vehicle and it's coming to a town near you.

Oh, and it comes in other colors than Xebra stripes, too...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A quick photo

Can't do the big "what I did on summer vacation" post yet (it's late and I'm sleepy...maybe tomorrow or Saturday), but here's a brief tidbit to get things started...

So, two nights ago we stayed at the "Crystal Springs Hot Springs and Water Park" in Honneyville, UT (just north of Bringham City...which is north of Ogden, which is north of Salt Lake City). And there, we found this little specimin:

Yes, that's a dragonfly. And yes, he's (she's? Don't know enough about dragonflies to know) dead. Where, you ask? On the floor of the men's room in the camp ground.

The reader board at the Crystal Springs Hot Springs and Water Park read "105 years old and still hot!" And, I might add, 105 years old and looking it.

The campground was great - grassy, trees, no heavy exterior lighting - but the "hot springs and water park" were, um, skeezy. The slide (there were two, but one was broken) was great - not too fast if you didn't use the foam mat, insanely fast if you did - but the pools were, shall we say, suspect. The main "swimming pool" apparently had broken or clogged skimmers, 'cause there was all kinds of junk floating in it. And they were all filled with natural spring-fed mineral water, whihc means one thing: cloudy. So you couldn't really see what it was you were stepping on on the bottom until you brought it up with your feet and found it was a koosh ball. Or the lid from a soda cup. Or something else you really wish you hadn't stepped on or looked at.

The hot pools were a bit better, but mainly because we weren't expecting them to be a swimming pool (we were spoled on pools by the Fort Collins Mariott's indoor-outdoor pool with the swim-under wall feature). The water was warm in the big one - maybe 90 or 92 - but insanely hot by the jet things - more like 120 or 130. The hottest of the pools overall was probably closer to 110 - hot, but not scalding.

You can get an idea of the cloudiness of the water in this picture from their own web site...

Anyhow, more on the trip when I get time...