Thursday, February 04, 2010

You go, King County Courts!

A couple nice rulings for the Seattle-area schools...well, maybe nice. The math one I'm totally behind, 'cause I can't stand the whole "Discovery Math" concept. The funding ruling is probably a good thing, although the state budget is so tight it will mean something else gets cut. But then, something else will probably get cut anyway, right?

The math one: Judge rejects Seattle's high school math program

The funding one: School funding gets an F; judge calls for action

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thanks, TSA!

So the wife is flying off for a long weekend with friends in Ohio tomorrow, and is concerned about what she can and can't carry on the plane. So, being the helpful husband, I told her I'd research it while she volunteered at the school. So I start out at the Delta Airlines site, then get re-directed to the TSA's Prohibited Items page where I proceed to look up the relevant items (knitting needles, tweezers, nail clippers).

Well, my brief search indicates that the knitting will be fine, as will the tweezers and the clippers. But alas, her hopes to get on the plane without checking a bag are going to be thwarted by the ban on sabers. And for the record, why to they split out sabers from swords, when they don't also individually identify other types of sword? Or is my sword knowledge lacking in some way?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wait...a week?

It's been a week? OK, six days. Still, that's inexcusable. Well, I'm sure there are excuses, but they're lame. So it's clearly time for a quick wrap-up of the past week. Assuming I can remember it. Hmm.

Thursday: No idea what I did last Thursday. Nothing on the calendar other than "work on letters for PTA Auction", and that clearly didn't take all day. I was probably wasting time reading a book (Arms-Commander by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., which if I'm smart I'll get around to reviewing here...).

Friday: Again, no idea. Paige and the kids went skating that night, and I probably stayed home and read. Or watched TV.

Saturday: Finally, a day I remember! Spent the day up at Summit Central skiing. The snow wasn't great, but it wasn't the worst of the season. And it snowed all day, keeping things fairly steady. Spent the morning skiing with my friend Peter (whose kids are in lessons at Webbski as well), and the afternoon skiing with Logan and Maya. All in all we had a pretty good day.

Sunday: Another one I remember! Sunday was the first bout of the new Rat City Rollergirls season. The bout was a combination exhibition, tournament, and charity fund-raiser. They played half-length games in a single-elimination tournament format with the overall winner getting the most money for their charity. My beloved Throttle Rockets got manhandled (or maybe womanhandled) in their first game against the Sockit Wenches, but turned on the afterburners in the second bout and crushed the Derby Liberation Front by some ridiculous score like 90 - 35. I'll get some pictures up here once I get through processing them.

Monday: Back to not much going on. Had a networking call with some former co-workers in the morning, worked on the PTA Auction letters some more, had a delicious lasagna dinner.

Today: Talked to my career counselor (who I have yet to meet) and tried to get my butt back in gear in the job hunting world. Finalized and printed the PTA letters and mailing labels, then after dinner headed over to the school for an open house featuring performances by the daughter (well, the choir of which she is a part, anyway).

And that, pretty much, is that!