Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The Chicken children are tucked in bed, completely crashed from too much sugar, laughter and running. Another Halloween successfully completed.

The kids dressed up as a cat and Kenny from South Park, as you can see from this photo:

The kitty with Kenny

Maya's was pretty darn easy - Paige found the dress at Value Village, we borrowed the ears from a friend, and boom, she was done. Logan's took a little more work: Value Village orange hoodie, Kenny face printed off the web, glue said face to a manila file folder, then attach to head with rubber bands. Oh, and put on mittens...those lasted about 15 minutes of trick-or-treating.

Part of the Chicken family Halloween tradition is to have a big gang of people over (most of whom went to pre-school with Logan), eat some dinner, then head out to maraud the neighborhood. This year we also picked up some friends of the friends, which was great...'cause really, once you've got 10 kids running down the street what's a few dozen more? Here's the full-on group shot:

Back row (L-R): 6' metal robot, a witch, a rock star, three girls in dresses, and the Terminator
Front row (L-R): Morticia Adams, Maya kitty, a sailor girl, a freaky glowing skeleton dude, Kenny, and "Mario & Luigi's cousin"

From there we went out and canvassed about 5 or 6 blocks in an hour or so, getting the kids good and thirsty by the time we got home. And leading to the current state of sugar crash!

Tuesday options

OK, so I didn't post yesterday, partly because I was stymied on what to do Election night to celebrate. Not to celebrate who won, but rather to celebrate the end of political advertising for another few months. My choices are:
  1. Drive to Green Lake, try to find parking, and wait in line at the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop to get our free scoops
  2. Walk (or drive if it's raining and we're feeling wimpy) to Krispy Kreme and stand in line for a free donut

Right now I'm leaning toward the donut. Because while I love the Ben & Jerry, if we walk I can almost justify the calories. And if we drive, there's more parking.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the hell is going on over there?

"Over There" being in England...thanks to my slack work schedule I'm getting more time to surf the web, and I've been spending a bit of time on the Daily Mail web site reading all kinds of trashy news about Brit pop stars, soccer players, royals and whatnot. But then on occasion I stumble across something like this, the story of a the 16-year-old girl who lives in a caravan (or, as we Yanks would call it, a motor home) whose daddy bought her a $200,000 wedding. That is so many levels of wrong I'm not sure where to we'll start with the picture. Here's the happy bride and groom, framed by their happy parents:

What I like best about this happy family is not only did the daughter inherit her mother's, um, assets (as is apparent from the other picture), but the groom appears to have inherited his father-in-law's beard. And that's always good.

What really made me sit up and take notice of this story, though, was the fact that it's not the first story of English parents being complete fuckups. Last week brought this lovely tale of a woman who rewards / bribes her 13-year-old daughter by giving her cigarettes. The daughter doesn't seem to have connected how Mom looks to the smokes...Mom's 43, looks more like 55 or more in the photo:

So now I'm left to wonder...which is worse? Bribing your delinquent 13-year-old with smokes, or buying your 16-year-old wannabe model the wedding of her dreams?

I'm leaning toward "tie".

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day of moderate leisure

So yesterday I decided I'd work from home today. There was nothing going on in the office, my boss was on vacation, her boss was on a business trip, and I hadn't really had an assignment in days. So I figured hey, I can check my e-mail from the couch just as easily as from my desk, and this way I won't be tempted to get coffee at Starbucks and won't have to get dressed. Oh, and I'll be able to sleep in an extra hour or two.

So I did just that, and as I should have expected, today was the day people were looking for me. Well, one person anyway. Fortunately between the phone and e-mail I was able to get him what he wanted (or a close facsimile thereof). So it wasn't the totally relaxing day I'd expected, but at the same time I didn't feel guilty about not burning a vacation day or something.

The big boss gets back tomorrow...wonder if he'll have any news over the fate of the rest of us chickens?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Punkin photos

As promised, here are some shots of the pumpkins:

The porch and all six pumpkins
Paige's pumpkin...I think he's kind of irked
Maya's large pumpkin
Maya's small pumpkin
Logan's pumpkin portrait of Kenny (from South Park)
My not-so artistic pumpkin, who kind of
looks both dismayed and surprised.
Which is probably how I'd look if
I were a carved pumpkin.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, maybe it's not hopeless after all

"It" being the Seahawks season. And "not hopeless" meaning "huge long-shot for a playoff spot".

Thanks to the soft hands and fast feet of fullback Leonard Weaver, the Hawks managed to beat the lowly 49ers today, moving in to a 3 way tie for 2nd place at a mighty 2 and 5. Luckily, we're only 2 games behind the slightly less lowly Cardinals, who lead the division at a whopping 4 and 3. So thanks to being in the worst division in the league there's a slim chance that we could possibly, maybe, end up winning the division.

Sure, it's not going to happen, but a guy's got to hope for something, right? Right.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A pumpkiny good time

Today's theme was "pumpkins". Not exclusively, but certainly at both ends...woke up to the smell of pumpkin scones cooking, thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Chicken. Then this afternoon, after baking some snickerdoodle cookies (and over-cooking them too, I might add...clearly need to practice these ones) we went to a friend's house to carve our pumpkins, eat pasta, and generally have a good time. And a good time was had, although both kids ended up in tears at various points in the evening.

Didn't get any shots of the pumpkins, but will take some tomorrow. After all, I have to save SOME material for the next day's blog, now, don't I?

Friday, October 24, 2008


When I logged in to the ol' Blogger dashboard tonight I saw that the "why I didn't blog last night" post was #666. Nice. So in honor of post #667, here's a joke.

A nun hails a cab, and as the rather handsome cabby is driving her to her destination she notices that he keeps staring at her.

"Is there anything wrong, my son?" she asks him.

"No, sister" he replies.

"Then do you mind telling me why you keep staring at me?" she asks.

"I couldn't sister. It would be too shocking for you."

"Oh, my son, even though my life is dedicated to the Church, at my age I have heard it all and there is very little that can shock me."

"Well, sister, I know it's a sin, but I've always had a fantasy about kissing a nun. I know you'd never allow it, but you did ask..."

"My son," she says, "I would only kiss you if two things were true: that you were single, and that you were Catholic."

"I am, sister, I am!" he exclaims.

With that, the nun tells him to pull over. Once the cab is stopped, she leans over the front seat and plants a toe-curling kiss on him, a kiss that would make a hooker blush. She finishes the kiss and sits back, dabbing her lips with a handkerchief. The cabby sits stunned for a moment, then bursts into tears.

"Why are you crying, my son?" she asks him.

"I lied, sister...I'm not a single Catholic, I'm married and I'm Jewish. I'm going to hell, aren't I?"

"How the hell should I know?" she replies. "My name's Kevin and I'm on my way to a costume party!"

Why I didn't blog last night

Last night was spent putting beer in bottles. Which clearly left no time to blog. Clearly.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A timeless question

"What will happen when you take a tall skinny guy and put him in a cage with a shorter, stockier crazy guy?" Tonight, thanks to The Ultimate Fighter, we have the answer: the tall guy starts out using his reach and throwing jabs while the crazy guy eggs him on, then the tide turns a bit at the end of the first round and in to the second as crazy starts to take charge and tall skinny gets tired. And thanks to the tiredness, they go to a third round which really doesn't feel like it's in tall skinny's best interest.

As with all fights on Ultimate Fighter, there was trash talk running rampant before hand, largely about whether tall skinny really had a valid black belt in Jiu Jitsu. And really, most of the fight didn't show that he was a Jits guy - it was all stand-up boxing and kicking, and none of it done all that well. His take-downs were sloppy and easily stuffed, and when he ended up on his back Junie was smart enough to stay away from him and not let him get a submission. That and the fact that crazy Junie did really well with the repeated leg kicks are a large part of why he won the second round and the fight. In my non-professional opinion, that is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anyone know a good dentist?

Preferrably in Downtown Seattle? 'cause it turns out mine was hooked on pain killers. Which is too bad, 'cause I liked the guy and his staff, and it was wicked convenient. And as far as I know they did good work, although he himself hadn't worked on me in a year or so...maybe I'll luck out and someone else will take over the practice. But I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Talk about your slow news day...

Today takes the cake. Rolled in to work at about 7:35. Next person in got there around 8:40, I think. I was sure I'd missed a memo or two, but apparently it was a case of "when the boss is on vacation, there's not much going on, and everyone is wondering when they'll get a layoff notice it's a good day to call in sick." Not that the people who weren't there weren't sick...for all I know they were. But still, the timing was suspect.

Tomorrow maybe I'll be the one rolling in late...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"You suck like juice!"

That's the new insult in the Chicken house. I'm not sure where it came from...Paige knows, and I'm sure she's told me, but I have since forgotten. In any case, it's getting good mileage here and I'm hoping you'll pick it up too.

And speaking of sucking like juice, how 'bout them Seahawks? Good Gravy. There used to be a law in Seattle that if the Seahawks were good the Huskies sucked, and if the Huskies were good the Seahawks sucked. Apparently it's been amended to indicate that both teams can suck simultaneously.

And continuing to speak of sucking, how 'bout my fantasy NFL team? I am right on track for "manager of the year", I must say, what with my genius decision to bench Steven Jackson this weekend. Because really, the 37 points he would have scored me would have looked nice, but wouldn't have helped me win.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally there's something worth watching on a Saturday night! What, you ask? Why Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling! What's that, you ask? Well, um, exactly what it sounds like. Only really it should be called Hulk Hogan's B- and C-List Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

Here's the celeb line-up:
  • NBA bad boy and ex Mr. Elektra Dennis Rodman
  • Danny Partridge / "Bringing Up Bonaduce" star Danny Bonaduce
  • Willis / recovered drug addict Todd Bridges
  • 9,000 pound boxer Butterbean
  • "Real World Vegas" drunk Trishelle Cannatella
  • Dustin Diamond, who says he's most famous for being Screech, but really is most famous for self-promoting his sex tape and being an ass hat on various other reality shows
  • Erin Murphy, best known as Tabitha on Bewitched
  • Frank "stop saying I look like my brother" Stallone
  • Nikki "stop calling me Ian" Ziering
  • Tiffany. That's right, Tiffany.

So, what can we look forward to? Well, hopefully Danny Bonaduce going in to a roid rage on Dustin Diamond, and maybe Tabitha doing that nose wiggle thing and turning someone in to a frog. That would be sweet.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A thoroughly uninspired Friday

Not sure if it's because it's late, or because I'm mildly hungry and know I shouldn't eat anything, or what, but I am completely uninspired right now. In fact, I was pretty uninspired all day. Something to do with not being busy at work and knowing that that's probably not a good sign for continued employment...hard to motivate yourself to find new stuff to do when everyone else around is doing nothing as well.

Well, not quite nothing...we had a nice pot luck lunch today, and someone on the team loaded some PDF versions of magazines to the server. And there was always the fun game of "Identify the confidential witness" in our latest class action lawsuit. but none of that changed the fact that I was basically killing time unitl it was time to go home. Maybe I need to watch "Office Space" again...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Buzzword Bingo, without even leaving my desk!

So like most people in business, I'm on a several different mailing lists. I'm assuming I ended up on them by subscribing to something (Business Week, perhaps, or InfoWorld), going to a seminar, or just a random scanning of job titles. One of these lists is The Management Roundtable, which bills itself as being "The Leading Practitioners' Resource for Product & Technology Development." One of MRT's key products is seminars, generally touting Innovation, or Value, or the Stage-Gate product development process. I rarely read the flyers, since I'm no longer in a ProdDev position, but today's caught my eye.
First off, it's big. The starndard MRT flyer is a tabloid quad-fold kind of affair...11X17" piece of paper printed on both sides, folded in half, then in half again. So basically 4 letter-size pages of info on whatever new wonder of Management or Round Tables they're plugging. But today's arrived in all it's Tabloid glory: full color, six sheets of 22X17" paper filled with photos of all the fine "Distinguished Faculty" that will be at the seminar (or "Congress"), descriptions of the seminars they'll offer, information on lodging in Scottsdale, and of course the valuable Sponsors page. Have to pay for this somehow, right?
But what REALLY caught my eye was the buzz-worthy title and sub-title:
Building Open Innovation
Capabilities for Higher Value
Business Opportunities
It's genius, really. It sounds impressive, yet I have no idea what it means. Fortunately, to the right of the title is a side-bar that's headlined "Featuring Our Open Innovation Thought Leaders". So now all I have to do is come up with the $1,900 registration fee, get myself to Scottsdale in January, and let my Thoughts be Led!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There was a debate?

Apparently I missed something. Some guys talking or something. Maybe answering some questions, or avoiding questions, or using air quotes, something. I was far too busy watching the Phillies slap down the Dodgers, watching Leanne slap down Kenley and Korto, and watch the Ultimate Fighters act like children. You know, important stuff.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living vicariously through other cities' sports teams

So Mr. Moe moved to St. Paul, and has posted repeatedly on his blog (or tweeted, or maybe it was on Facebook...somewhere, anyhow) about how the Minnesota sports teams are his Cindy McCain - the pretty second wife. Which leaves me back here in Seattle with Carol, the first wife. The one who was disfigured in a car crash while I was in the Hanoi Hilton. More importantly, the one who can't win a damn ball game to save its life. Unless, of course, it's either a) the last series of the season - the series that if you tank you get the #1 draft pick, but if you win you don't - or 2) the Rams.

So now, being stuck with these craptastic teams, I find myself turning to the sporting equivalent of Internet porn and rooting for other cities' teams. And not even sexy teams like, oh, the Cowboys or the Red Sox. No, I'm wallowing in my shame by cheering for the Rays (because everyone likes a Cinderella story. Well, except for the wicked step sisters) and the Cleveland Browns. OK, the Browns cheering is purely for selfish Fantasy Football reasons, but still...

Fortunately I won't have my loyalties tested, since the Seahawks don't play the Browns, and the Mariners won't play the Rays until next year. And on a more positive note, the Seahawks play the Rams again this season, so there's a chance they'll win another game before August!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tourism Seattle thanks you

Or, rather, thanks me. No, wait, they thank Bonnie and her boyfriend, 'cause they paid. Yeah, that's the ticket.

After a massive breakfast at the delicious (and busy) Patty's Egg Nest we headed to the Park & Ride and caught the bus down to Pioneer Square. Got there around 11 something, bought tickets for the 1:00 underground tour, then killed the intervening hour and a half or so by wandering up the waterfront and through the market. Took the required shot of them with the Pike Place Market sign, watched the guys who throw fish (but since no one was ordering any fish we didn't get to see them throwing any fish), then walked down first to the tour.

The tour was interesting, and full of Seattle history that I didn't really know. I mean, I knew the names Denny, Yestler and Maynard, and I'd heard of the fire, but I don't think I'd ever had a Seattle history class. And it was kind of cool to wander through the old sidewalks / current basements. But the guide wasn't all he could have been. He knew his stuff, certainly. He had all the factoids and whatnot clearly committed to memory. But his delivery was lacking. As one of the other tourists said to his wife/girlfriend, "just because you say a line like it's a laugh line doesn't mean it's actually funny."

After that we headed to the Aquarium, which I hadn't visited since they did the big remodel. The new entrance is really sweet, the "window on the Sound" exhibit is stunning (and if I had a gabillion dollars I'd build one in my house), and best of all we got to see the octopus move through her tube from tank A to tank B. Dang, that's one big fish.

After all that walking we were whooped (well, I was anyway...can't speak for the others, who are in far better shape than I am), so it was back to the bus tunnel, hop the 41 (and stand up some more), then home to a delicious chili dinner and the even more delicious ass whooping the Browns laid on the Giants.

All in all a fine way to spend Columbus Day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome, Frogma!

So the purpose of all the house cleaning this weekend was the arrival of our friend Bonnie, aka Frogma, in town from New York for a week of kayaking, camping, and general touristing. The kayaking involved two days playing in the eddies and current of Deception Pass, which sounded a lot like witewater kayaking only on the ocean. Trippy.

Tomorrow we're heading downtown to do the Seattle tourist thing, probably starting with the Underground Tour and ending with either the Market or the new Sculpture Park. At some point in the week they'll take off for the Olympic Peninsula and do some camping, then come back for another day or two of chillaxing before flying back to the east coast next weekend.

Unfortunately I'll be working all week ( current circumstances that's actually good news...) and won't be able to join in the camping fun. But then, it's their vacation not mine, and they wouldn't want me tagging along now, would they? I know I wouldn't!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yeah, so about that hike...

So as ol' Mr. Spees noted in his comment, the hike didn't get hiked. Or, rather, it did get hiked but not by us Chickens.

The short story is that neither Logan nor I (nor Paige, for that matter) slept well last night, and he being a boy of 11 it translated to weeping when it was time to get up. Now, in his defense he was also worried about the food (have I mentioned he's picky? 'cause he is...) and the cold. So anyway, we bailed on the hike. Which isn't really something I like to do, since we'd told people we were going to go, and it's not like we were gravely ill or something, just tired and cranky.

Anyhow, the agreement was no computer (for him, anyway) and no xbox (again, for him, although I didn't touch it either) for the weekend. So instead he built lego versions of various characters from Halo. And helped Paige plant 80 crocus bulbs in the lawn...which should make late February pretty dang cool, I must say!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend preview

Might not get a post in tomorrow, 'cause the boy and I are off to the mountains! The Troop is heading out to hike to Rachel Lake, just up from Lake Kachess. From what I've read it's a beautiful hike, but it should be brutal at the same time.

Why? Well...first off, topographically it's a nightmare. 4 mile hike, roughly, with 3 of those relatively flat and the last mile climbing over 1,200 feet. Secondly, while it's going to be dry, it's also going to be cold. Forecast calls for highs in the mid 40s, lows hovering around freezing. And I'm assuming it's a no fires zone.

On the plus side, it gets dark early so the odds are good that I'll be able to warm up in my bag early in the evening. Also on the plus side, I'll finally break in my new tent! Bought it last spring planning to use it this summer, then didn't. Which is good, 'cause I would have been pissed if it had busted in the big storm...

Anyhow, I'll probably haul my phone up the mountain 'cause it doesn't weigh much, and if there's coverage I'll try to load a text / pix message tomorrow. Otherwise you'll have to wait for Sunday for the big recap!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

They report, you decide

Say what you will about the right-leaning reporting of Fox News, their web site is teh bomb for crazy-ass news stories. Today's examples:

British tourist on vacation in India is beaten to death by waiters for being arrogant

Local people in an area of Thailand are afraid that their river is home to giant killer catfish with a taste for human flesh

Australian tourist in Whistler, BC, gets bit by a bear. He reports it. The Canadian wildlife people shoot the bear. Now he's upset because "Canada Hates Me. (OK, technically that one's from, but it was linked from Fox News. And it's all owned by Rupert anyway, so no big diffy.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If you're wondering why you shouldn't drink to excess...

Tonight's Ultimate Fighter provides a great example. 'cause damn, some of those boys seriously can't hold their liquor. Then again, a few are pretty unstable sober as well, so the further instability when drunk is probably to be expected...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey, Diane!

I'm doubtful you'll come back, now that I've offended you so deeply, but on the off chance you do, I've thought a lot about what you said, and have come to the conclusion that while I'm sorry you took offense I really don't care.

Why? Well, because it seems kind of silly to take offense at a "review" posted on a personal blog by a guy who's clearly just writing for his own entertainment. I can see getting offended if I'd gone on the Slog and bitched about how crappy the play was, but I didn't. I merely wrote my impressions of it here, on a site visited by maybe six people a week (if I'm lucky).

That said, the interweb is all searchable and whatnot thanks to the Google, so I shouldn't expect something as incendiary as a line like "It's not ground-breaking" or, God help us, a reference to someone going up on lines at a preview to go unnoticed. I'll keep that in mind the next time I review a play in preview, which I predict will be, oh, many moons from now.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Too tired to blog

Why tired, you ask? Well, because a) I got the usual amount of sleep last night, which is to say not enough, b) I walked a couple miles during lunch today, and c) I got my ass handed to me by Logan. More specifically, he kicked my butt at Halo. Well, I suppose that technically it was an even match, since I smoked him about as often as he got me, but the last few were galling since he just hung out by the entrance to the fort wherein I re-spawned and shot me down ever time I tried to come out. Ruthless little punk...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

How's about a review?

So it's not really fair to review a show in preview, but since a) I'm not a paid reviewer, and b) I'm not going to see the thing during the regular run, I'm going to go ahead with it anyway.

Took the fam to see the Three Musketeers at the Rep today, and it was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Let's dissect it, shall we?

Script: The script was an odd mix of classical-ish prose and modern prose. At one point early on the titular Three are raiding the Cardinal's castle and Aramis (or maybe Athos...I get those two confused) says "Oh, crap." Gets a laugh, but I must say I don't recall that from the book.

Acting: The acting in the show was...ok. Not spellbinding, not perfect, but OK. And some of that may have come from the direction and script - they make a lot of asides and obvious laugh lines, so the acting issues might have had more to do with the way the play was staged than anything else. But I don't think anyone's taking home a Tony for their performance.

Set: The Rep usually has great sets, and these were no different. Great use of moving pieces to transform the space in to the various different scenes. The only distraction was a few flown-in hangings that got stuck on other pieces on their way down. Given that this is a preview, I'm sure they'll have that ironed out by the time it opens on Friday.

Drama-nerd fun: There were only two blatantly obvious flaws in the show today. First, in a scene between the King and the Cardinal, someone went up on lines. Not sure which one it was, but they repeated an exchange, then kind of struggled to figure out how to get back on track, then finally recovered. And later, when Constance is in hiding in the convent and Milady comes to visit, someone missed an entrance 'cause I can't believe they'd leave a Nun on stage praying for a full 45 seconds...

Fighting: the fight scenes were pretty good. I think the final fight is the best, although the big group fight between the Musketeers and the Cardinal's soldiers was also very well staged. They're not totally polished yet, but should be by the end of the run.

In summary: It's an entertaining show, and definitely worth seeing if you've got kids (ok, boys...) who like to watch people swinging swords around. It's not ground-breaking, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The new first aid

So I took a First Aid class today. First training of that kind since, oh, 1990 when I thought I was going to be an EMT. And I must say, it's a lot different being on the "civilian" side of the class. The main difference is that in the "urban civillian" course (or whatever it was called), the main assumption is that professional help will arive in 10 to 15 minutes. In the EMT class, naturally, I was learning to be the professional help.

But those differences aside, it was a good class. And now if you drop from a heart attack or slice off a finger in front of me I'll have some idea of what to do, which is always a good thing!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Remote Derby, or the Wonder of Twitter

So this weekend is the Western Regionals Battle Royale to determine who gets to go to the WFTDA national championships at the Northwest Knockdown in Portland next month, and our beloved Rat City Rollergirls are already tearing up the track, blowing Tucson out of the water 180 - 71. That qualifies them for Nationals, and makes me feel much better about paying a hundred bucks for three days of Derby. Not that I wouldn't enjoy being there if the Rat girls weren't playing, but it's always nice to have your team involved.

What does this have to do with Twitter, you ask? Well, scores really. Today I was at work, and I couldn't really justify having the live Boutcast up on the Derby News Network site up on my screen all day, so I instead opted for the twitter feeds for RCRG and DNN. Not quite as good as watching the webcast or tracking the score and commentary live via the web, but better than not knowing how huge the lead was.

Tomorrow the RCRG take on the winner of the Rocky Mountain vs Texas bout, then (hopefully) it's on to the West finals!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate recap

If you missed it, here's my recap of the debate:

Biden: Glad to meet you, Governor, thanks for having me here, blah blah Obamma blah blah blah.

Palen: Nice to meet you, Senator, thanks for having me here, blah blah McCain blah blah blah.

Biden: I disagree with blah. But I agree with blah. Senator Obama didn't vote for blah, he voted for blah blah, which meant blah.

Palen: Tap blah, drill blah, security blah.

Biden: Blah blah, staying on point, blah.

Palen: In closing, vote McCain!

Biden: In closing, vote Obama!

I think that catches the high points...

We tuned in not because we thought we'd be swayed, but because come on: the odds of someone going completely off the rails was really high with these two. But other than Palin mispronouncifying nuke-u-lar and Biden not looking at the camera it was pretty darn tame. My main dissappointment: Biden didn't rise to the bait of Palin repeatedly talking about tapping stuff. Maybe after the mikes were off he said "Governor, I'd totally tap dat." We can only hope.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


OK, I know, I should have seen it coming. But really...the non-aufing on tonight's Runway caught me by surprise. I really thought they were going to boot Kenley based solely on her attitude, but clearly I'm not a producer or I would have known that leaving her on the show and stretching the decision of the final thre out another week is good for bidness. Because we know already that six designers "showed" at Bryant Park for fashion week, so it doesn't really hurt them to push off the final elimination, now, does it?