Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Meetings I would have loved to be in

Austrian Houseware Chain Renames Tool Shed

I immagine it went a little something like this:

Fritz: OK, people, we need a name for the new tool shed. It's big, made of wood, and can hold many tools. No bad ideas, people, let's brainstorm here.

Otto: How about "Das Grossen Shed?"

Fritz: OK...

Henrietta: What kind of wood is it? We could call it "Pine Shed"

Otto: Wait, I've got it. I was on vacation last year and we toured this place that had great sheds and showers...what was it called...let's see. Auschwitz? No, that wasn't it...I remember, it was Mauthausen. How about that?

Fritz: Sounds good to me. Henrietta?

Henrietta: Jah!

Fritz: Great work, people. Let's go to the hoffbrauhaus and have ein bier.

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