Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ah, tolerance...

Now, I'm no Ann Coulter fan or anything, but I had to laugh at this quote:

"We encourage diverse opinion at UConn, but this is blatant hate speech," said Eric Knudsen, a 19-year-old sophomore journalism and social welfare major who heads campus group Students Against Hate.

Uh, yeah...that's right up there with "the only thing I can't tolerate is intollerance." Granted, Coulter is a hater not a lover, but really...if it had been Michael Moore on the stage calling George Bush a moronic monkey who only won in 2000 because his daddy packed the Supreme Court with people who would some day invalidate the votes of Florida's blacks do you think this guy would be saying "this is blatant hate speech"? Or is it defined as hate speech because what she hates is what he believes in?

Ann Coulter to audience: You're stupider than I am

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