Monday, January 02, 2006

Show footage...

OK, so we played a show on New Year's Eve at a little place called the Blue Moon Tavern. The Blue Moon is, not to mince words, a dive. A historic dive, but a dive nonetheless. And many of the regular clientelle resemble no one so much as ol' Blue a couple posts down.

The thing with people who regularly frequent dive bars is that, by and large, they are drunks. And I'm not talking your standard frat boy recreational drinker, these guys are professionals. With many, many years in the bottle. And perhaps a few hits of meth (if meth comes in hits...I'm not really up on my meth-speak) to keep them awake.

So, you combine New Year's Eve revelry with a band wearing chicken suits and a group of professional drinkers, then throw in a cover of a heavy metal song and you get something like this. (Link requires Quicktime...)

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