Friday, March 10, 2006

It rarely gets better than this...

And by "It" I mean the opening paragraphs of this story: "ATASCADERO, Calif. - A retired salesman alleged a stripper and her friend beat and robbed him in his home. John Skinner, 54, said he was on his way to Bible study on Jan. 23 when exotic dancer Maureen Murphy, 25, knocked on his door and offered him a free strip-o-gram.

"Murphy said a friend had already paid for the show, police said.

"When Skinner agreed to let her perform, knife wielding Richard Adam, 23, allegedly forced his way inside and told Skinner he owed Murphy, owner of Bikini Assassins, and another woman money for earlier services."

It has it all: An older dude presumably not getting much and resorting to escort services; Bible study; knives; and most importantly, Bikini Assassins.

But the best part comes later, when Bible-studying Skinner says "he owed Talbert money for sex one time but not for a previous time when he said she fell asleep before they could have sex."

As I said, it's got it all.

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