Sunday, June 11, 2006

Logan's directorial debut

So Logan Chicken, age 9, is now a director of film. I'll post more of his work at a later date, but here's his first forray in to the world of stop-motion animation. I served as technical consultant, camera man, and Lego-wrangler, although he handled the shark's exit (which, I hope you'll agree, is far more realistic than his lame entrance).

What I love possibly most of all is that the "Handless Guy" is smiling as he walks off. And now, without further ado, here it is:

Handless Guy (Because of shark)


bonnie said...

Horrifying! Blood-chilling!

It was better than "Cats"!

Scott Chicken said...

Thanks, Doc! We're glad you liked it, although Logan's response was "What's 'Cat's'?"

bonnie said...

Oh lordy, are we getting old?

Scott Chicken said...

It's either that or his mother and I have done a fine job of sheltering him from the horrors of musical theater...I'm leaning toward the latter.

bonnie said...

Sounds good to me. Let's go with the latter. Yep.