Saturday, July 01, 2006

First two-digit day!

Ran 10 miles today, one more than last Saturday. And, not surprisingly, it was a bit easier than last week's. Part of that is that I got on the road relatively early (8:45...about an hour later than I'd planned, but hey, I wanted to sleep) so it wasn't too hot. Last week I didn't leave the house until just before 11, and by the time I got home at 12:30 or so it was about 78 degrees out side. Not that that's super hot, but when you're running the last 3 miles up hill it gets old.

Also finally got a decent shirt. Up to now I'd been wearing t-shirts, which are fine for the short distances but get really heavy and wet in the longer ones. So, at the urging of my friend Jaime (the triathlete...finished the Coer d' Alene triathlon last weekend in 13:12 or so) I went to Ross and found a "dry-fit" Nike shirt. Sure, it says "Basketball" on the front, and sure it's pretty much the same color as my shorts so I look like my Mom dressed me, but hey, it was $10 and it's great. Wicks the sweat like nobody's business, kept me cool, very nice. Now if I can only find one in white...

Anyhow, this coming week is a "step back" week, with 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, 5 again on Wednesday, and then only 7 on Saturday. Why, that will be a breeze!

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bonnie said...

Yeah! Good work!
Now please take your @&*$in' rain back, OK? We're TIRED of it, already!