Saturday, September 09, 2006

Running for a cause

So you know I'm running a marathon, right? I believe I mentioned something about that here... Well, I recently found out that I could combine the agony of 26 miles 385 yards of running with the joy of raising money for a good cause, the Oregon Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Why Make-A-Wish? Because the Arizona Make-A-Wish Foundation provided great opportunities to my nephew when he was fighting Hodgkin's Disease a few years ago. Where other kids with cancer ask to go to Disneyland or something, Robbie wanted to learn to fly a plane. And in spite of the fact that no one had ever asked for such a thing before, Make-A-Wish made it happen. He's now cancer-free, and he's still flying. Pretty cool thing. Oh, and they got him a tour of a local Air Force base so he could have this super-sweet picture taken, which is also a pretty cool thing.

My goal is to raise $2,000, which is a bit more than we raised for the MS Society last year. But then, last year I was riding a bike 30 miles through the woods for the 15th time...this year I'll be running 26 miles 385 yards through the streets of Portland for the first time (heck, before I started training the farthest I'd run was a 10k when I was 14 or so), and I think that's worth a little more of your hard earned cash.

To make it easier, you can give via credit card on line. All the donations will be processed via ActiveGiving's secure credit card processing can visit the Active Network's Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions about whether they'll sell your info to anyone.

And speaking of passing it along, the more help the merrier, so please feel free to forward this on, post it in your blog, or otherwise get the word out.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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