Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not powerless in Seattle, thankfully!

Well, not in our 'hood, anyway. The lights blipped a couple times on Thursday night (naturally, I was working on the computer at the time...I really should get one of those battery backup thingies one of these days), but not enough to knock out the alarm clock. The Chicken house didn't suffer any damage from the wind or the rain (although I took down the bird feeders to be safe, and the wind chimes to keep the neighbors from calling the cops), and now that it's cold (low 30s) we're snug inside with heat and power.

My Mom, the elder Mrs. Chicken, is not so lucky. No damage to her house, but no power either. And since her neighborhood (on the outskirts of Bellevue) draws it's water from a well, that no power means no water. So Grandma is camping out in our basement where it's warm, dry, and there's water aplenty!

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bonnie said...

Hope your mom gets power back soon (although I bet her grandkids are loving having her camped out in the basement)!