Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Next up: Seattle half marathon

Clearly I've gone insane. Why else would I willingly sign up for yet another running race? Well, a couple reasons...
  1. I'm in reasonably good shape thanks to the marathon training plan (thank you, Hal Higdon!) so it's really a matter of STAYING in shape rather than GETTING in shape
  2. I felt pretty darn good through the half-way point of the Portland marathon
  3. I've already run the course (or most of it) during my two longest training runs
  4. It's October, it's dark, and it's getting cold...why not continue to get up at 4:30 to go running?
The race is Sunday, November 26th, which I believe is the rainiest day in the history of rain (OK, that's probably not true...but Thanksgiving weekend is notorious as the first weekend of flood season...and it's when the I-90 bridge sank back in the day...I'm just sayin'). When I started running I kind of liked running in the drizzle, 'cause it kept me cool. Then I discovered the wonder of dry-fit and the cool-staying became less of a problem. Now I'm not so sure. Definitely going to need a long-sleeve shirt or two, though, 'cause it's getting COLD in the morning!

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