Monday, January 19, 2009

A day at the zoo

Logan and Maya ride the snow leopard with cousin June.

So Paige's sister Val and her daughter June are up for the weekend, staying around for tomorrow's Inauguration Party tomorrow morning. Yesterday the ladies went over to Bainbridge Island to wander around Winslow while I hung at home and watched the Cardinals beat the Eagles and kept the kids from destroying the house. Today, while Paige made bagels for the party tomorrow, Val and I hauled the kids to the zoo. And a fine day at the zoo it was! If only I'd remembered the real camera rather than the camera phone, I might have taken more and better pictures. But I didn't, so the only evidence is this shot of them riding the Snow Leopard statue. Ah well!


merlin4012 said...

Woodland Park rules. We have a zoo. I should go sometime. I think it has a garter snake. Maybe a gerbil. Today's word verification is diedlyt, which is how you can be described if you made your goal weight prior to death. And even if you didn't, you will get there at some point after you die, guaranteed.

bonnie said...

hey, didja catch my day at the aquarium?

It was too cool. One of their seals was playing with people like a big, friendly dog. I got some ffun pictures.