Friday, January 02, 2009

Good Lord! A week?

Man, a whole week off? What the hell was I thinking? And it wasn't even a busy week! Well, it was busy with Wii playing, and snow melting, and a birthday, and a lot of drinking, but still. Jesus! Now I've got to waste the first post of the year on a boring-ass recap of the week. Assuming I even remember the week...well, I'll try and hope it's not too boring-ass. Or not boring. Not much chance it won't be ass.

Sunday: Sunday marked the final defeat in this insanely futile Seahawks season. At least Holmgren got to win his final home game as Seahawks coach, even if they couldn't pull it off in Arizona. And to rub it in, there was a quote in the post-game interviews by either Warner or the Arizona coach saying "In the 2nd quarter we finally started playing like the Cardinals." WTF? If they were playing like the Cardinals they should have lost. Clearly they're playing like some other team. Whatevs. On to Monday.

Monday: The wife gave me my birthday present on Sunday (two days early), in the hopes that I might get it installed before we went up in to the mountains. No, not snow tires, something far more cool: a Sirius satellite radio! So I read up on it and decided I'd stop by CarToys on Monday morning and get their advice on antenna placement. I was thinking near the tail gate, 'cause getting the wire in to the car would be a cake walk, but I was concerned that the skis and bikes and whatnot on the rack would block the signal. So the CarToy guy suggested right above the windshield, then run the wire around the window and push it in from the engine compartment. Which I can't figure out how to do, so here it is Friday and I haven't done anything about it.

Anyhoo, after running more errands, I put the ski racks back on the car, loaded up the skis and family and bags of clothing and whatnot, and drove over the pass to Easton to spend the night with our cousins. Which, in spite of heavy snow and gusty winds, was great. Well, maybe not the drive, but the spending time with them and watching it snow.

Tuesday: Tuesday was my birthday, and it started out pretty darn well. Woke up well rested, the cousins made us blueberry pancakes, we loaded up the car, and headed off on the 10 minute drive to the ski area. Which is when things started going sideways. First problem: Maya's boots, which we rented in early November, no longer fit. They hurt to put on. She can't even get her foot half-way in. So while Paige and Logan head off to make some runs on the easy chair, Maya and I stand in line for 40 minutes to rent new skis. Then once we get them I make the mistake of taking her up the slightly less easy chair, and she completely falls apart coming down. Hmm...note to self: let her warm up on the "magic carpet" bunny slope first.

We meet Paige and Logan on the way down, and I say "hey, I'm going to go do a run a little higher and will come find you, then we can go to lunch." So I do, it's good (the snow was great for December 30th), and I catch them after they've gone all of 100 yards or so down the hill. We head down and eat a fairly cold lunch sitting out side, then Paige and Maya head to the magic carpet for a bit while Logan and I go up the high-speed quad. Which is when he starts complaining that he's cold and doesn't want to ski any more. Great. So we come back down, I park him in front of the fire pit, and head over to find Paige and Maya and tell them where he is before heading off again to ski on my own. I get in one or two runs, and am heading up the "Triple 60" chair, when the phone rings: It's Paige, they're in the car, and it's time to go home. Sigh. Well, at least dinner and the cake were good...

Wednesday: New Year's Eve was actually pretty good. I spent a bunch of money on medical supplies trying to spend down the FSA (why they won't let me use it for new Levis I don't understand...), our friends who had threatened to bring their in-laws over for New Year's Eve came by themselves, and we got some good Wii action in. Oh, and I drank like a fish, which always makes the evenings go quicker.

Thursday: Another good day. Went with my friend Steve to see The Spirit, which was good if you didn't go in expecting it to be deep...very campy, very 40s, very stylish, and kind of weird. Oh, and packed with babes. Then that evening some friends from college and their son spent the night, which was also great: stayed up way too late talking, drank too much again, and the kids had a good time playing Spore.

Which brings us to Today: Not a lot going on today. Went to Joe's Outdoor to swap Maya's boots for some that fit (and thankfully found a pair, 'cause they were almost out of kids' sizes in the season rental), hit the library to pick up a book, and finally updated the blog. Finally.

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