Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh, that wacky Ken Hutcherson

So Ken, if you're not from Seattle or have been sleeping under a rock, is a big-shot Evangelical pastor with a big-ass church in Kirland. And Ken, being all Evangelical and all, doesn't like the gays. Or their gayishness and their wanting to be all accepted and whatnot.

But what REALLY gets Ken's goat is when companies support the gays to the point of trying to influence public policy by doing what companies do best, spending lobbying dollars. Ken's main target is, and has been for a while, Microsoft.

Microsoft has a bunch of gay-friendly policies. Last year (I think...might have been 2006...and please note that the rest of this paragraph is based on my faulty memory 'cause I'm way too lazy to look it up) Ken had a meeting with some Microsoft big wigs, after which Microsoft pulled their support for some gay rights legislation that was working its way through he State House (or Senate). Well, that led to some uproar (most noticeably in The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper) which then led to a renewal of support and the eventual passage of said legislation.

Well, as I mentioned, Ken's back in the spotlight, now asking his followers to buy 3 shares of MS stock and give one share to his investment fund so they can use the clout of the Hutcherson Masses to influence the company's behavior. But what really gets me is this quote, from Seattle's Only Other Newspaper the PI:
"That's when I got upset at Microsoft, when they came down to Olympia ... I said, 'Wait a minute, what are you doing down here trying to make your own policy state policy?' "

To this I ask: Um...Ken? Isn't that what you're trying to do? Why is it OK for you and your horde of evangelicals to make your own policy state policy when it's not OK for Microsoft? After all, there's that whole "separation of church and state" thing in your way...and while there probably should be a "separation of business and state" thing in Microsoft's way, there isn't yet and won't be any time soon...

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