Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stupid glasses...

No, not the kind on your face, the kind you have to wash. We've got a bunch of pint glasses, and generally they're really durable. Most of them are pretty thick, festooned with logos and whatnot, picked up on bike rides or at thrift shops.

But we've got a few that are thinner, lighter, and more prone to breaking. Which is what happened tonight while I was washing it. And not some innocent "oops, the glass slipped and broke in the sink" kind of thing. No. This was a full-on fracture while my hand was inside the glass scrubbing it out, carving out a chunk of the side of my pinkie and putting a nice scratch in the back of my hand.

So now I'm trying to type with my right pinkie all wrapped up in gauze, which makes hitting the ? key a bit of a pain.

At least the funk station on is cranking out the jams...that's helping.

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