Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Radio, now with 90% more flames!

So I volunteer with a community radio station (the glorious Northwest Indy Radio and Radio KYA, voice of the downtrodden lefties of Grey's Harbor and bringer of music to Ocean Shores). And while at times I may not agree with the formatting (I'm not a talk radio fan, nor am I usually a fan of anything referred to as "sweetest music"), that's not my job. My job is to talk in to a microphone and hopefully say something entertaining.

Such is not the case for Paul Webster Feinstein down in Austin. Paul clearly cares a lot about the music and content on his station. And I'm sure if I were doing more than voice tracking from my basement I might care too. But I doubt that I would react the same way Paul is alleged to have reacted when his music stylings were overridden by some other volunteer...maybe it's just my passive-aggressive nature, maybe it's the fact that the studio is like 100 miles from my house, but I would never resort to arson to solve my problem...

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