Thursday, April 24, 2008

The guilt post

Totally forgot to post anything last night, so I threw up the LiveScience thing this afternoon to kind of make up for it. I know, lame, but what the hell.

So in other news, today was "take your kid to work" day and for the first time Logan tagged along. The company had a whole agenda planned for the kids, grouping them roughly by age (he was with a bunch of kids roughly 9 to 11) and having them play "The Game of Choices" which was, let's face it, basically the game of Life (the board game, not the computer cellular growth one) only without the board and with no plastic cars full of babies.

As in the board game, the object was to amass as much money as possible by making the right choices. Then at the end you had another choice: trade in your play money for raffle tickets, or fold it all in to origami bunnies. Logan chose the latter, and therefore did not win a shoulder bag or a gumball machine. But he does have a bunch of origami bunnies with currency values on them...

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bonnie said...

Have you seen Garfield minus Garfield?

May be better than the Family Herman. Although the Family Herman has the advantage that it does not require Photoshop, but can be done over coffee and Yellow Whitties.

BTW I realize I totally mis-attributed the blogospheric resurrection of the latter...

Anyways, just thought I'd mention it - come check it out!