Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hoo...busy day

6:45 - get up, eat oatmeal, mix up NUUN electrolyte stuff someone gave me, get on bike gear, head out
7:50 - finally on the road. Hey, what's that scraping sound? It didn't do that before...
8:00 - stop, try to adjust front dérailleur so it won't rub, succeed to a moderate degree
8:05 - back on the road
8:50 - stop at Matthews Beach park to stretch, pee and eat some Clif bar
9:45 - stop at that park in Woodinville, you know the one, right next to the trail. Eat a banana, drink some of the NUUN stuff (which isn't great, I'm sorry to say, but that might be the "total berry" flavor. Maybe Orange would be OK...) and listen to people talk about the AARP
10:50 - pause at Matthews Beach again to rest my aching butt and pee. Again.
11:35 - call the wife from a light about 2 miles from home and ask her to start the cold bath
11:45 - get home, put away bike, add ice to the bath, strip and climb in. JESUS! I haven't done the ice bath since my marathon days back in 2006. Did it really hurt this much then? Probably not, 'cause then my feet were hot and sore where now it's my quads and butt. Damn. How much is an ice sitz bath?
11:50 - drain the tub and start the shower. Cool at first, then getting warmer...don't want to cause more pain than the ice water did!
12:00 - get out of shower, dry off, get dressed, slam some pizza and gatorade
12:40 - pile in the car and head off to Town Hall Seattle to see the Vagabond Opera. 1:10 - arrive at Town Hall, sit down, watch all the kids running around like monkeys
1:30 - show time! Paige and I liked it, the kids not so much. The hulahoop girl was a-freaking-mazing, but based on the web page I don't think she's a regular.
2:30 - show's over, pile in the car, head down to the Scout Shop
2:45 - arrive at the Scout Shop, look at backpacks, buy a Kelty Yukon 2900 for Logan (who will be going on his first official hiking camping trip in 2 weeks)
3:00 - head over to Mom's house to pick up the Atami bike I'm trying to sell. Dang, it's really warm out!
3:30 - get to Mom's, load the bike, move her recycling to the street, take a walk on the trail with the kids, sit and talk, and sweat
4:45 - decide we're hungry enough to have an early dinner, invite Mom to Red Robin in Factoria
5:15 - eat
6:00 - leave Factoria, stop at Smashed Foods to buy dessert and snacks for tomorrow's M's game
6:45 - get home, eat ice cream sandwich, boot up computer, begin this recap
8:30 - get dragged away from computer to see "that one commercial. You know, the funny one I was telling you about?" No, Logan, I don't. Oh, the "Old Spice Hair and Body Wash" one. Yes, it is indeed funny.
9:00 - read The Mouse and the Motorcycle to Maya, wonder if it will make her want a motorcycle when she grows up like it did to me
9:30 - come back downstairs and finish this post.


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