Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The joys of guns and ammo

So in his book Conservatize Me John "Monkey Disaster" Moe goes to a gun range to squeeze off some rounds from a handgun. Fortunately he calls ahead and learns that if he wants to rent a gun he needs to bring a friend along (presumably because the suicidal won't bring friends to the scene of their, well, suicide). John calls a friend and hauls him along.

If only he'd waited until his son Charlie was old enough to be a Boy Scout he could have skipped that step.

Tonight was "Blue Moon" night for Troop 123. The Troop meets on Wednesdays, and in months where there's a fifth Wednesday they do something special. Bowling, for instance. Or swimming. Or tonight, shooting. So we packed in to a few cars and headed north to Everett where at Sam's Gun Range they comp Boy Scouts the cost of the rifle rental and just sell you ammo and targets. For the eight boys and four adults to each fire off 20 to 40 rounds (the kids got more)? A meager $35 or so. Definitely a sweet deal.

I'd go on about the various conversations I overheard, the insane noise of the guys with the large handguns next to us, and so forth, but I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow.

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