Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump day hi-jinx

When you see a headline that reads "Police say meat salesman swallowed marijuana joint" you're intrigued. When you read the story and see that he's a door-to-door meat salesman you're both intrigued and kind of nauseated. Well, I am anyway...

This story has nothing to do with meat, but it does provide a good object lesson on the consequences of speeding, at least for the three students in the car at the time.

Speaking of meat, that's a horrible segue into a story about the whole Catholic Church pedophile-shuffle, but I'm going to use it anyway. The story is about a priest in Massachusetts who is calling for the Pope to resign. Which is pretty mild compared to what some people would like to do with him...

Now, if you think they're throwing mud at the Catholic Church, at least it's figurative mud. Not like the literal mud these people were buried in.

Leaving Catholics alone we turn to the Baptists, who have had all their pipes stolen. And I'm not talking pot pipes, crack pipes, or organ pipes: the copper pipes that carry water. Stolen from under the Church. Which will make it harder for them to baptise people, I'm thinking.

And finally we head instead to Salem, Oregon, home of my in-laws, where teens are now stealing squad cars and passing out in them. Nice work, son!

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