Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday's news: Bond 23 in money trouble?

Maybe "Q" has a mint hidden somewhere in his gadget bunker...hope so, 'cause the latest Bond film is on hold waiting for financing!

There's nothing funny about being short of money. There's also nothing inherently funny about crocodiles. But a headline like "Crocodile forces Australian aerobics class to wait" just makes me chuckle. Mainly because of the image of a crocodile in spandex, leg warmers, and a head band.

Here's something that freaks me out: Foreign Accent Syndrome. That's where something goes haywire in your brain and you suddenly start talking like you're from a different country. Case in point this woman from Devon, England, who had severe migraines and now speaks with a Chinese accent. Freaky, I tell you!

And speaking of inconvenient, that whole Icelandic volcano thing is messing with people's days in a big way. John Clese ended up taking a taxi home from Norway because the planes were all grounded. He should have called this guy and asked for a ride in the car he bought in Sweden to get home!

And finally, here's another example of how smoking is harmful to your health: A woman in Australia, who had been in a fight with her boyfriend in which said boyfriend doused her with gasoline, decided to celebrate the end of the fight by lighting up a smoke. Fireball ensued.

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