Monday, April 05, 2010

Post-Easter Salvation

Well, in honor of this past Easter weekend here's a story of salvation: A woman in Kentucky says her newborn baby saved her family from a house fire by waking her up with its cries! Way to go, baby!

Oh, by the way, that fire was apparently set by a drunk. And speaking of drunks in Kentucky, here's one who was so wasted he couldn't get out of the bar so he called the cops for help. Granted he'd passed out and the bar was closed, but still...

This guy was drunk too, just not in Kentucky. But he did steal an ambulance in order to leave the hospital, so that's something.

There are a number of reasons to drive a car with a manual transmission: You can red line it and look cool, it's more responsive, they tend to get better gas mileage, and it might save you from a car-jacking.

Having never been an 82-year-old woman, I can't say how important a hair styling is for that demographic. But for one Michigan woman it was important enough to stick around after she plowed her car through the front of the salon...

I rarely say "man, I wish I was in Maine", but I wouldn't have minded being there for Saturday's march for equal-opportunity public toplessness. Because I'm all about equality. And toplessness.

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