Friday, July 25, 2008

Derby recap, a week late

So in the whirlwind of finishing the Travelblog I skipped the recap of last Saturday's Roller Derby action. So here it is, assuming I can still remember what happened...

The key bout, the one I and the rest of the Throttle Rocket Mafia were interested in, was the quest for Intergalactic Domination over the Derby Liberation Front. Things did not go well. Well, they did for a while, and then not so much. DLF took the lead pretty much right out of the shoot, but the Rockets kept it close the entire bout. They tied it up with a minute or two to go in the first half, which I think shocked DLF a bit, but weren't able to capitalize on it. The final score, as you can see from the board the lovely Sara Problem is carrying, was DLF 126, Throttle Rockets 96, which puts the Rockets out of contention for the league championship thanks to their loss to the Sockit Wenches. Here are a few other shots from that bout that I liked:

Blonde an' Bitchin'
takes on Burnett Down

Mommacherry and JoWanna Ass Kickin'
share a tender moment

Half-time entertainment this month was provide by Pure Kaos, a group of scantily-clad fire-eating chicks who are apparently part of Pure Cirkus. It was definitely entertaining, and definitely puzzling...I'm tempted to research how the heck you stick a flaming torch in your mouth for a few seconds without melting your tongue, but I think that would take some of the mystery out of the whole thing. So instead, here are some photos:

Fire eating and fire spanking. What's not to like?

The other, less important (although still entertaining) bout was between the Sockit Wenches and the San Diego Derby Dolls all-star travel squad. It wasn't a shock that the Wenches dominated San Diego. It was a shock that Femme Fatale had left Grave Danger and joined the Wenches. And I must say it's going to take some getting used to, but it should definitely help the Wenches in their quest to win the league championship. Again, some shots:

Sugar N' CreamHer and
Raven Mad prepare to jam

Moe YaDown clears a lane
for Rebel Belle (I think...)

There are more photos in the Picasa album if you want to see 'em!

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