Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stupid internets. And stupid lack of attention.

So we're in Ashland this weekend (and by "we" I mean Paige and I and some friends...the kids get a weekend of Grandma / Cousin camp, but that's another story), staying at another lovely fleurescent-lit Super 8. And last night the wireless internets crapped out right after I got to the room. And then I forgot to post a "stupid internets" post from my phone. So today will have to be a double-post to make up for that, and here's part one.

So during the big Chicken road trip I did a lot of driving. To the tune of almost 3,000 miles. Well, the trip from Seattle to Ashland is, according to the wizards at Google Maps, 457 miles. Took us about 9 hours with a stop for dinner in Roseburg, Oregon. But the advantage of this trip was...didn't have to drive! My friend Cosmic Dave (weekend radio guy on the ol' KYA) and his wife Karen did the driving while we rode in the middle row of the van and their daughters rode in the back. And I must say, while it's nice to be able to read a book while the miles roll by, my legs were seriously atrophied by the time we stopped for dinner! You don't think about how much your legs move around when you're driving, but they do. Oh, and there's more leg room in the front seat...that doesn't hurt...

Anyhow, today Paige and I are seeing a show called "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" while Team Cosmic goes to "Midsummer Night's Dream" (I've seen Dream a bajillion times and don't need to see it again), then tonight we all go see our friend Dan Donohue play Iago in "Othello". Hopefully the internets will be up and running this evening so I can post a review or something!

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