Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Home at last

Our second long-haul day is complete and we are now home. Whew!

Got up around 7, had free breakfast courtesy of the Super 8 (review: frosted flakes were fine but the milk was tepid. Biscuits weren't as good as those at the Ramada in Black Hawk, SD [or on the train, for that matter]. Donut was dry. Apple juice was delightful, but perhaps only in comparison to the rest of the food). Left Spokane around 9:15 and rolled in to Walla Walla just before noon. Ate Subway with friend Sara and her husband Jack (and their delightfully cute and well-behaved dog), then toured the school and book store with my sister's former boyfriend Douglas. Wrapped up our Walla Walla stay with milkshakes at the fabled Iceberg. Hit the road around 3, got to Mom's for some pasta (after a brief stop in Ellensberg for gas and diet coke) just before 8, finally home at around 9:45.

More details and some photos tomorrow. Now, to sleep in my own bed!

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