Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everything's back to normal...

Well, after yesterday's all-day marathon show it's nice to get back to a mere six personality spots on the ol' Scott Chicken Show (Radio KYA and Super listen on line open these URLs in your favorite audio player thingy: KYA, Super CFL And we're going to get things rolling with a nutjob on Bainbridge Island (OK, maybe he's not a nutjob...for all I know there really are werewolves and C.H.U.D.s roaming the streets of Winslow) armed with a sword and throwing knives.

From there we head east to Connecticut, where a couple of guys thought they'd make it easy on the bank and call ahead to request an amount of money be ready for them to steal. Not surprisingly, the plan went exactly as you'd think.

You've no doubt heard about how strong ants are, right? How if a human were as strong proportionately as an ant he or she would be able to lift a car or whatever? Well, ants are pencilnecks compared to the mighty horned dung beetle.

I've never been fired, but I have fired a couple people. Never by Facebook message, though. Then again, there was no Facebook in the '90s...

Tired of people cutting you off while you drive your moped around? Well, just do what this guy did and attach a flame thrower to the thing!

And to end things on a downer note, the great Robert Culp has died. Bummer.

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