Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's radio has learned to tie it's boot lace.

Tuesday already? Then I must be talking about this crap on the mighty Indy Radio (Radio KYA and Super CFL...to listen on line open these URLs in your favorite audio player thingy: KYA http://sandi.damnserver.com:9290, Super CFL http://sandi.damnserver.com:9200)!

New Hampshire has apparently solved all their problems, 'cause the legislature is now voting on whether the state drink should be milk or cider.

Clearly that time capsule wasn't as secure as they'd thought...
A town in Arizona is missing a 25-year-old bottle of brandy. When officials in Somerton opened a time capsule Saturday, they discovered mementos from 1985 - but didn't find a bottle of Mexican brandy that was supposed to be in the capsule.

The key steps when you set out to boobytrap your car to avoid it being stolen are a) setting the trap, and 2) successfully dismantling the trap. Otherwise you end up like this guy.
"When questioned about the incident, (the man) stated that he had set a booby trap as an anti-theft device by placing his loaded .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver with the hammer in the cocked position under his steering wheel," Gang Unit Detective Rob Thomas wrote in a police document.

"When he returned to his vehicle after jogging in the park he attempted to disarm his booby trap, accidentally set off the gun and shot himself in the leg."

What's the big deal? It's not like the dead people are going to use the syrup...
Maple syrup producers are under fire for tapping maple trees in Central Massachusetts cemeteries. The Worcester Telegram reports Monday that at least two cemeteries in Lancaster and one in Petersham have sap buckets on trees that stand along side rows of tombstones.

There are plenty of weapons available to the innovative bathroom-fighter. The lid of the toilet tank, for instance. And based on the picture, she's pretty damn proud that she thought of it!
According to police, Johnson removed the lid and hit her sister during a fight. Authorities said the sister suffered an injured foot and finger.

OK, we've all heard about the Kea, New Zealand's car-eating parrot thing. But here in the States we've got car-eating dogs.
Officer Clayton Holmes had been checking traffic speeds with radar and stopped to fill out a report when he felt his car shaking. He found a bulldog chewing on the tires. After the dog attacked two passing cars and a second police car, officers used pepper spray and a Taser on it, but the animal wasn't deterred.

By the time McCamey Animal Center staffers captured that dog and two others, it had chewed two tires and the entire front bumper off Holmes' patrol car.

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