Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Chicken Feed

It's Saturday morning...what better way to spend it than with some music and me talking about this crap? Talking where, you ask? Why, on Radio KYA and Super listen on line open these URLs in your favorite audio player thingy: KYA, Super CFL!

I always thought the whole "nurse gives you a happy ending to the sponge bath" thing was just a cheap bit in pr0n. Apparently not so in Holland.
The young woman witnessed some of the man's other nurses offering him sexual gratification, the union said. When she refused to do the same, he tried to dismiss her on the grounds that she was unfit to provide care.

And speaking of romance, maybe the whole "climb up to the balcony" thing isn't such a good idea after all...
A German woman, fearful that a burglar was trying to break into her second storey apartment, called police after she heard someone climbing up to her balcony shortly after midnight, police said Thursday. Police discovered the "burglar" was a man carrying flowers and a bottle of wine who turned out to be the woman's boyfriend, but then arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

A ban on salt? Really, New York? So all your other problems solved?
the proposals..could see restaurants fined $1,000 for each offence, reports Sky News.

I've got some Legos...wonder if there's any money in this?
"My work draws attention to the smallest parts of our cities that are falling apart because of the brightness of the Lego," said Jan Vormann, a Berlin-based installation artist.

"It draws people's attention through the coloured blocks and makes them aware that this wall or statue or construction is not complete anymore, for whatever reason."

Well, here's a way to get out of being sentenced for your DUI conviction: show up wasted to the hearing! Sure, it'll get you more time overall, but not that day!
Authorities said a 30-year-old-man showed up so drunk for his sentencing for drunken driving that he missed his hearing and now faces even more time behind bars.

And finally, this lady is waaaaaay tougher than me!
A 91-year-old New York pharmacy cashier refused medical attention and went back to work after a thief punched her. Florence Critelli grabbed the man's hand and screamed when he reached over and grabbed cash from her cash register at the Rite Aid in East Northport on Long Island. He punched her in the chest, knocking her down, before fleeing. "He hit me good," Critelli said.

But she refused to leave work early. She said she didn't want to just "sit there and be bored."

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