Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning yakin'

Sunday morning already? Well, good thing I've got plenty to talk about on the ol' radio!

The problem with this story is that it doesn't explain how the guy thought the duct tape on his shoes would conceal the robbery. And that's info we all need.

Hmmm...not sure a snake massage is exactly the kind of relaxation I'm looking for.

Oh those wacky Germans and their need to reserve every chez lounge by the pool...finally some enterprising criminal is taking advantage of their zeal!

So you think letting prisoners watch cable TV and movies is being soft on crime? At least we're not the Dutch, who are bringing psychics to prison to let inmates get in touch with their dead relatives!

The Vegetarians are getting more active. Well, one particular vegetarian. And by "active" I really mean "crazy".

Now I've never been carjacked, but I think if I were I'd feel better if the guy were polite about it. Not much better, but maybe a little...

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