Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's theme: Crime, crime, and more crime!

On today's midweek Scott Chicken Show we'll head down to Florida to learn how an enterprising deputy used Google Earth to make an arrest. From there it's off to church in Pennsylvania where a guy allegedly attacked a pastor's husband during a Palm Sunday church service. Why? No clue. Maybe he didn't like the sermon or something. We then slide over to the west coast for the sentencing of Yvonne Jean Pampellonne for fraudulently buying fraudulent boobs (a story the AP has delightfully given the file name "odd_breast_bandit.html"). Then it's back over to the state of disaster that is Florida for a spring break-worthy tale of a guy ending up in the slammer for throwing a plastic cup at a cop car. And we end our survey of the day's odd news in Ohio with an escape attempt straight out of a bad movie, in which the perp fled the police, abandoned his car, jumped a fence, and ended up in a prison yard.

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