Saturday, February 09, 2008

And then there was one...

One more event as Cubmaster, that is.

Today was the big Pack Pinewood Derby, 3 hours of boys racing cars down a wood track broken up only by a few befuddled senior citizens looking for the Republican Caucus. We offered to let them stay and watch and maybe vote on which car looked the coolest, but they all declined. Probably their loss...they looked like Huckabee supporters. Although they might have leaned toward McCain. Definitely not Ron Paul, who not surprisingly finished 3rd in the Washington caucus (while on the Democrat side of the aisle Obama walked away with like 65% of the delegates...Tina must be ecstatic).

But back to the Cub Scout stuff. Four years ago, when Logan was in 2nd grade, I kind of pushed him in to the Cubs. I'd had fun in Scouts, his friends were in the Den, and so I gave him a nudge. And agreed to be the Den Leader because, well, no one else was really jumping up and down wanting the job and I knew Logan would be more likely to stay in it if I was involved beyond the "parent" role.

The next year I passed the Den off on another guy and moved in to the "Pack Committee Chair" role. This was much better since a) I didn't have to plan two Den meetings a month, b) I didn't have to deal with a bunch of rowdy 8-year-olds whose favorite game was "Kill John", and c) I could handle almost the entire job via e-mail. Man I loves me the e-mail. That gig lasted for about two and a half years, and then last February I was basically thrust in to the spotlight as Cubmaster.

And in retrospect it hasn't been that bad. Yes, I had to deal with the kids again, and a lot more of them than at the Den level, but it was only once a month and I had a lot of help since if they started acting up I could lean on their Den leaders to get them back in line. I still had to plan meetings and stuff, but one meeting a month is way easier than two, especially when you're expected to actually get stuff done during the two Den meetings. The Pack meeting is more of a party.

Which brings me back to "and then there was one..." Just one more meeting, at the end of the month. And it is most definitely a party. There will be desserts. There may be cookie decorating. There will be pins, ribbons and trophies awarded. And Logan and 3 of his Den-mates will receive the Arrow of Light (Cub Scouting's equivalent of the Eagle) and "cross over" in to a Boy Scout troop. Where hopefully he'll have more fun, learn more stuff, and not need me to run the whole show!

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