Friday, February 15, 2008

More shameless idea theft

This time stealing from John "Monkey Disaster" Moe, I bring you the resurrection of the Family Herman project.

As some history, back in our carefree college days, when John and I would read the Spokesman Review over coffee, we'd do the swap with Family Circus and The Far Side. But since the Far Side isn't in the paper any more, now you gots to swap in Herman. Assuming you read the Seattle Times, which I don't (I'm a lifelong PI guy and still peeved that they killed The Phantom).

Anyhoo, the concept is this: You swap the captions between the two strips and see what comes out. And today we've got this:

It appears, to me anyway, that Daddy or Mommy is trying to scrape snow off the car, and Billy is finding a great deal of enjoyment in the fact that they're using the wrong scraper. Maybe the right scraper is lost and they're stuck with a credit card...we just don't know.

Herman, meanwhile, apparently requires a snow shovel to remove the tartar from his teeth. We can only assume that the dentist likes this kind of bad weather because it gives him an excuse for having the snow shovel in the office...people would ask embarrassing questions if he whipped that sucker out in July.

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