Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two week warning...

Just wanted to give you a two-week warning for our big Pre-Reunion show...yes, two weeks from tonight is your last chance ever (well, ok, maybe not "ever", but at least for a while) to see Chicken Starship, the most important rock band in the world. Why, you ask? Because Jack Chicken is moving to Minnesota to be closer to Target and the rest of the band is going to "go on hiatus". At least until we can sign an aspiring lead vocalist to an exclusive contract...

Here are the details:

  • We're back at the L.A.B. at Seattle Drum School, up at 15th NE and 125th in Seattle (the address is 12510 15th Ave NE, and the map is here). Relatively easy access from I-5, and while the show is all-ages, there is a tavern about a half mile north on 15th for those of you who can't watch us without getting your drink on.
  • Kicking off the evening's entertainment are Dapper Jones, a band we've never played with but sound cool, at least based on their MySpace stuff. Kind of a power-pop-punk thing.
  • It's an early show - 7:00-ish start - and it's a Friday night, so get off work early, come on out, and give Jack Chicken the all-ages sendoff he so richly deserves!

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