Saturday, February 02, 2008


That's all I can say. And not just because it's almost midnight and I might pull off a Galivanting Monkey (a term I'm coining for Tina's plan to post twice in a row just around midnight, thereby killing two days' postings with one stone, if by "stone" you mean "blogging session", if "blogging session" is even what you call this).

Anyhow, the reason for my "Wow" is the latest post on Jason's Blue Moon MySpace Blog. If you don't know Jason, he's the guy who books bands (like, oh, Chicken Starship, the most important rock band in the world) to play at the Blue Moon, possibly the most important dive bar in Seattle. And if you've never read his blog you should.

But you should REALLY read this particular entry, because it's timely, it's not about music (well, not about music performed at the Blue Moon), and the videos are just atrocious. Seriously. I think I could have happily gone through the rest of my life without ever seeing the LA Rams do "Let's Ram It". Or the lilly white folk of Boston singing "New England, the Patriots and You". And possibly worst of all, the Seahawks' own "hit", "The Blue Wave" (or maybe "The Blue Wave Will Be Rockin'". Sing it, Mike Tice! (Side note: Mike Tice was the guest speaker at my Eagle Scout court of honor. I remember nothing that he said, but damn that dude was big...).

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