Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my time as a Cubmaster / Cub Scout Dad / Volunteer has come to an end. Or was coming to an end then...and now it's officially at an end. Tonight was the big night, the combination dessert banquet, volunteer thank-you, Arrow of Light ceremony and cross-over to Boy Scouts. Quite a bit to pack in to, oh, an hour and 15 minutes. But we did, and it's done, and now I can relax. Because Boy Scouts doesn't start until, oh, tomorrow night.

But, they tell me, Boy Scouts is "Scout led". And, they tell me, "we don't give parents jobs for the first few weeks." Great. They're working their hooks in to me already, but I'm definitely going to take a break. No, seriously.

Anyhoo, here are a couple photos:

First up was the ceremonial "crossing of the bridge". The Den made this bridge as a part of their "Engineer" pin...designed by an actual engineer, it even supports my massive, elephantine weight!

Then it was time for Logan to officially meet Mark, his new Scoutmaster, who welcomed him to Troop 123. After that Mark asked him to "introduce his parents." To which he responded by turning around and staring at us, then mumbling something. Amazingly, he's not even a teen-ager yet!

After that awkwardness, he was given his new neckerchief by the Senior Patrol Leader, whose name I've forgotten and wouldn't mention anyway because of privacy issues (hence all the blurring of faces earlier). We'll call him Rasputin. That Rasputin can put on a mean neckerchief, I must say.

Oh, and that arrow Logan's holding in his left hand? Yeah...that's basically what I did today instead of going to work: created two slide shows on the computer and painted stripes on two arrows. If you need an arrow-painting jig let me know, 'cause I've got one.

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