Friday, February 08, 2008

Caucus Schmaucus

I know, I know, it's my duty as a good citizen of these United States to vote. Or, in this case, to caucus. And I would, honest, if a) I didn't have other plans, and b) I gave a damn. But I do, and I don't.

The other plans are the all-important Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, Logan's final Derby since he moves on to Boy Scouts at the end of the month. And I feel pretty confident saying that his streak of non-victory will be unblemished since I just can't make a fast car. They look kind of cool, or funny, or whatever, but they just ain't fast.

The not giving a damn isn't as insidious as it least not to me. Back in 2004 I caucused for the first time because I was actually inspired. Or, if not actually inspired, maybe just more interested than previously. Anyhow, back then (on the off chance you don't remember 2004), there were 4 candidates still in the running come Washington's turn in the spotlight: Kerry was the front-runner, Dean was still hanging on, Edwards was a strong second, and Kucinich was, well, Kucinich. I was an Edwards man at the time, for two key reasons: First, I liked what he had to say on pretty much all the issues; and second, I had a gut feeling that there was no way in hell the American people would hire a guy who looked like Herman Munster or Lurch and was as condescending as hell to be their President, and it was really important to nominate a candidate that would actually stand a chance of swaying the electorate and convince them to shift the political course mid-war.

So I went to the caucus. The few remaining Deaniacs were fairly easily swayed, but most of them went to the Kerry party. The Kucinich people were definitely a harder nut to crack. There weren't enough to warrant a delegate to the district convention, but we were able to sway a few of them over to the Edwards camp, enough to land us a second delegate spot. Horay for us, we did our caucus job, and Democracy was saved. Or something.

Anyhow, we all know how 2004 turned out...Edwards accepted the VP slot (a huge mistake, in my opinion), and in spite of their self-proclaimed great hair, they lost the general election to GW because a) people didn't want to change horses mid-stream, and b) Kerry continued to look like Lurch and be condescending as hell.

So now we're here in 2008 and I'm not nearly as moved as I was then. It looks like the Republicans are gathering around McCain, and he's not quite as scary as GW. And the Democrats have two strong candidates, either of whom I feel confident can win in November. And while I've heard them both speak, neither of them really moves me quite the way Obama moves Tina or the way Hillary moves whoever it is Hillary moves (white women of a certain age, perhaps? I'm not exactly sure).

So that's why, instead of being at the school fighting for who I think should be the nominee, I'll be across the street watching 7 - 10-year-old boys squeal with glee as their little wooden cars zoom down 40 feet of wooden race track. Whee!!!

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