Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We like da moon...

'cause it is close to us. And sometimes gets eclipsed by the Earth and looks super cool. Tonight's eclipse was a great opportunity to get the kids outside looking up, and to bust out the tripod for the camera:

This one's kind of fuzzy as it was the first I took, and had the longest exposure. According to the photo properties it was a 20 second exposure at f/4.8. And I don't think I bumped it, I think the streaking is from the long exposure.

This shot is much closer to totality. Only went with an 8 second exposure on this one and it popped the iris out to f/5.6.

Now we're starting to see the moon come out of the umbra, kind of mimicking the "diamond ring" effect you see with solar eclipses. We're now shooting 5 seconds at f/6.3

This one was taken shortly after the previous, but now I'm zoomed out so you can see Saturn down to the left of the moon. We popped that up on the telescope and the kids were able to see the rings, but since I don't have an adapter for the camera this is the best you get. Once again a 5 second exposure, this time at f/4.0 (the camera was choosing the f-stop...)

And then the clouds rolled in. We had pretty darn perfect weather for the eclipse, and at the end the clouds streamed in from the south, whispy and white, slowly covering the moon as she came out of the shadow. 6 seconds this time, again at f/4.0


bonnie said...

Missed it somehow. Thank goodness they come along every now & then.

Hey, btw, chicken fans might enjoy reading about the totally-awesome-dude Ultimate Kayak Trip...

(the kayakers all really hope it's a joke!)

Scott Chicken said...

Thanks, Doc! I hope it's a joke too, 'cause the web site kind of is...all those empty sponsorship slots, just waiting for my logo!