Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5th grade girls + squirrels = funny

So I'm in Logan's classroom this morning doing a dog and pony show about banking and savings accounts. And to get the kids thinking about why we save money I ask "are there any animals that save things?" And these are the answers I get (all of them from girls, 'cause 5th grade boys don't like to answer questions...):
Girl #1: Monkeys. Monkeys save bananas. [giggle]
Me: Okayyyy...anything else?
Girl #1: Squirrels.
Me: Great! What do squirrels save?
Girl #1: Nuts! [all girls in the class erupt into laughter. The boys look kind of embarrassed]
Ah, yes. I vaguely remember being 10 and 11, when "Nuts" cracked me up...

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