Saturday, May 17, 2008

A hot sweaty night of Derby blowouts

So remember back in April when it snowed the morning of RCRG Season 4 Bout 2 and game-time temperatures were in the low 40s and I kept my coat on the whole time? Yeah, that was nothing like this month's bout. Nothing at all. Where April was cold and wet, May was hot and muggy. Where in April both teams I was rooting for lost, in May they won (well, at least the important team, my beloved Throttle Rockets, won...didn't really care about the DLF / Slaughter County travel-team match). And where in April I was hungry and paid too much for a burger, in May it was too hot to feel hungry so I just drank. Gotta stay hydrated, after all.

I'll post photos tomorrow or Monday, but the brief recap is this:

Throttle Rockets vs. Grave Danger:

TR finally played the way they should have been playing all season. I don't know if this was because Grave Danger forgot how to play defense, or if GD isn't very good this year, or what. But TR was definitely firing on all cylinders. The offensive highlights were great jams from Leeloo, Darth Skater and Blond an' Bitchin'. It felt like Leeloo was jamming every other time in the second half, and she definitely got gassed. BaBs was, as always, able to out-race everyone on the track without seeming to break a sweat, which is quite a feat given the temperature in Hangar 30. And on defense they really kept it together and controlled GD's scoring with some heavy hitting from Billie Boilermaker and great pack control from Jowanna Ass Kickin'. I don't remember the exact final score, but it was something like 140 to 70. All that matters is the Rockets are now 1 - 1 and tied with the Sockit Wenches for second place.

DLF vs. Slaughter County All-Stars:

Boy, talk about shooting fish in a friend Dave predicted that DLF wouldn't care and Slaughter County would keep it close through the first half, then come out in the second and shut them down. And he was right, except for that "keep it close" part. Slaughter County is in their first year as a league and it showed. They had some good speed skating jammers - Speedy Guns Haul-Ass lived up to her name, and Darth Maul'her did her best to emulate TR's Darth Skater. But their defense was virtually nonexistent, or at least not enough to contain the inhuman power of the DLF's Burnett Down, Summer Assault, and Punchin' Judy. Final score, something like 170 to 95. Ouch!

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