Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary, sistah!

Technically the actual anniversary was over a week ago, but tonight was the party. My sister has now officially been married for 20 years, and to celebrate her husband through a party with most of the wedding party (my other sister couldn't make the trip, and one of Dave's brothers also couldn't be there).

I vaguely dreaded the party because, well, I don't really remember much of the wedding. And not, I don't think, for a good reason like "I was wicked hammered the whole weekend" or anything. More like "I was a Junior in college and thinking about other stuff". I remember driving home for it, in my roommate's Fiero with my then-girlfriend Sarah. I remember the painful plastic shoes. I remember the reception being in the Faculty Club at the UW and one of the bride's maids telling me that if I did donuts in the Fiero it would throw a rod straight through the engine block.

But that's pretty much it. Don't remember the people, don't remember the guy playing trumpet, don't really remember anything at all.

But hey, my lack of memory is no reason to skip free drinks and food, right? Right!

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