Monday, May 26, 2008

Folking Life with Dan

So Memorial Day weekend brings Seattle's Folklife Festival to town, a gathering of hippies, wannabe hippies, buskers, and food vendors to the Seattle Center, all trying to separate us from our hard earned cash. And succeed they did, at least for the Chicken children...Logan took an early birthday present in the form of two beaded key chains - one dolphin (or possibly barracuda), one frog - to hold all his nonexistent keys. Not wanting to be left behind, Maya successfully pleaded her case for a hair barrette thing. Underground economy: stimulated!

The main reason for going, other than the economic stimulus and hippie sightings, was to meet up with my old college friend Dan. Dan's now a college English teacher and poet out in Kansas, but since his mom and brother still live in Seattle he comes to town on occasion. And this was one such, and we actually put in some effort and met up. Had a nice wander through the Center, a fun-filled trip on the ol' Metro #5 up to north Seattle, and a delightful dinner at Saltoro. Man, their food is good.

And here is the photographic proof! No good shots of hippies or spin-dancing, just of Dan and Paige, and of the kids climbing on bronze whales...

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