Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another eye update

Saw another eye doctor today, this time seeing the guy who will get the joy of slicing me open should I opt to go that route. The highlight of the visit, other than the stinging dye drops, was getting to see him flip through my CT scan like a flip book. Pretty cool technology, and unfortunately not available on the web. Otherwise I'd post a shot of my blowout fracture, which really does look like a blowout. Basically as you look at the image you see one nice oval eye socket - the right one - and one where the bottom kind of drops away - the injured left one.

So the verdict from Dr. Kim is that I have "a medium blowout fracture". It's not huge enough to require immediate surgery, but it's not so small that there's no concern. He explained that the two indications for surgery were double vision that doesn't clear up (mine did), and recession of the eye. Which basically means that since there's no floor to the eye socket the eye starts to sink back in your head. Which, apparently, is purely cosmetic, but could make me look pretty freaky.

So surgery is an option. On the positive side, I'd get to spend a night in the hospital and would finally get that sweet shiner I'd hoped for. On the negative side, I could lose the vision in the eye, end up with double vision, get a nasty infection, or any of a whole slew of nasty after-effects. On the positive side, Dr. Kim has been doing this for like 20 years and has only had one person lose their vision. On the negative side, that was like 6 weeks ago. But on the positive side, the woman who lost her vision was elderly, and maybe my eye is stronger than hers. But on the negative side, if it's not then I get to live a lot longer than her with a bum eye.

And then when I got home Paige asked the question I'd forgotten to ask: What did he say about the trip? So now I've got to call them back tomorrow and say "hey, I'm leaving town for a couple weeks at the end of June...will that be a problem?" Whee!

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