Sunday, May 25, 2008

A nice lazy weekend

Man, what a fine, lazy weekend! And best of all, it ain't over yet. Although tomorrow promises to be less lazy than yesterday and today...

Why so lazy, you ask? Well, we packed up and headed over to Wenatchee to visit some friends yesterday. The main activity? Sitting around. Awww yeah...couldn't even surf the net (or update the blog) 'cause their PC wouldn't connect. I put in 15 or 20 minutes trying to figure it out, but it was beyond my meager ninja skills to correct. Hence yesterday's cell-phone photo post (something you'll have to get used to during our big trip to wifi on the train, so any posts during that leg will be either photo or txt posts from the phone in those few moments when we've got coverage).

So we got there around 1 PM (after a gorgeous drive over highway 2), just in time for a little lunch and a nap. Then had some barbecue action for dinner with some friends of theirs, basically sitting around eating and swapping "how I got hurt in my youth" stories (my dislocated thumb was trumped by the guy friend's dislocated shoulder that was apparently so severe it made a passerby hurl) while the kids played whatever it was they were playing (Legos or Xbox, I think). Then today was spent lazing around or petting the kittens next door (Maya's favorite pastime). And no, stupid me didn't get any pictures of the kittens. They were super cute, though...the boy orange, the two girls kind of calico. Skittish, but cute.

After another drive over Highway 2 (slightly less beautiful today thanks to the rain) we're home and back on the Internets. Tomorrow is Folklife, which promises to be full of hippies but hopefully also relaxing!

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