Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another milestone

So I think I speak for all dads when I say there are a few milestones in your son's life that you look forward to with great anticipation. Sure, there are the obvious ones like the first girlfriend, the wedding, the birth of the first grand child. There are the sports-themed ones: game winning home run/touchdown/goal/basket, game-saving catch/tackle/save/blocked shot, medals in track or swimming, whatever. There are the intellectual ones: Straight As, perfect SAT scores, big AP scores, getting in to Harvard or wherever. There are the other organizational / religious things: confirmation, bar mitzvah, becoming an Eagle Scout, joining the Army, whatever.

And then there are the little things. So far, that's what we've hit. 'cause hey, Logan's not even 11 yet, so the whole Eagle Scout thing is a ways off. But we've had a few...

The first key milestone in Logan's life, as viewed by me, was when he was old enough to get me a beer. It didn't last too long, but for a few weeks there he was willing.

The next was probably joining Cub Scouts and getting his Arrow of Light, just for the "I remember doing that" factor.

The latest came today with his first mowing of the lawn. He didn't mow the whole thing, and the half that he did mow was rather, shall we say, haphazard. But he went back over the parts he missed, and hey, it's a half of the lawn I didn't have to mow. And hopefully the promise of money will have him mowing it more often as the summer goes on! Hopefully...

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