Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now 100% patch free and 200% visioned

So the doctor took off the eye patch today and said "well, that didn't really do anything..." Which isn't exactly what I was looking for, to be honest. And worse yet, after not using the eye for a day I'm now way more double-visioned than I was before. Which is really, really annoying. So it's back to ice and the antibiotic ointment, which apparently also has cortisone in it and may help reduce the swelling.

Alls I know for sure is the stitches will come out Monday afternoon, and the train leaves Tuesday afternoon, and my vision better be back to something resembling normal by a week from Sunday or my 18-year-old nephew is going to log some serious highway miles!

Tonight's head, those
eyes don't line up at all! No wonder
I was seeing two cameras when I took the picture!

Oooh, goopy! The yellow is from the
dye the eye doctor put in there and
not from Jaundice. At least that's
my understanding...

Gee, with the eye closed it almost looks
normal. Well, except for those stitches...

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