Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soccer? Apparently.

As you can see from my tweet (or was it a twoosh? I'll never get this lingo down...) over there on the right my eye surgery has apparently turned me in to a soccer fan. Or maybe I just like having it on in the's great background noise, especially the Europe 2008 tournament on ESPN 2, 'cause the guys doing the play-by-play and color have terrific accents. I'm not sure what part of the United Kingdom they're from, but I totally want to have a pint with them. One of them has to be Irish, but the other guy...well, I'm stumped. Wherever it is, though, I'm sure they know how to drink.

It'll be a shock tomorrow, then, when I watch the USA / podunk Caribbean country game tomorrow, 'cause I'm sure those dudes will be off in Europe and we'll be stuck with Kobe Jones. Not that there's anything wrong with Kobe, but he ain't Irish.

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