Monday, June 16, 2008

Stitches are out!

Horay for that. And if you wondered what it's like to have stitches taken out right next to your eyeball, well, it stings. But they're out, and as you can see I'm looking dandy. Still a bit puffy, and I'm on the ointment for another, oh, 10 days or more, but what the heck. I'm seeing much better, I don't have to ice constantly (although icing is fine if I want to...), and all is well in the world.

And more importantly, we start the big trip tomorrow! Work a half day, go get Mom, come home, panic, do some last-minute packing, then head up to Edmonds to get on the train to Milwaukee. So tomorrow's post, unless I go crazy and e-mail something in, will likely be a cell-phone photo and brief text message of us hanging out on the train. In fact, posting will be spotty for the next few weeks while we're on the trip. I'll try to do a phone photo post daily, and we'll likely take some "blogging and knitting breaks", as Paige put it, at cafes and other locations with WiFi along the way, but that's about it. More fluid details of the trip when we're back in July!

And now, the last face photos for a long, long while:

Here's the full-face I said,
not too swolen now! Lip's still a bit numb,
but seems to be more reactive.

The open-eye close-up: still on the ointment,
and there's some residual dye from the
eye exam today, but overall looking
better than last week!

And with the eye closed: no stitches, just some rogue eyelashes!

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