Saturday, August 30, 2008

Climb on!

Today Maya climbed the mighty REI pinnacle for the first time. Her review? Fun!

We actually lucked out on the whole climb thing...we started the day at SkiBonkers (well, technically we started the day with pancakes, but you get the idea) where we picked up some new boots for the boy and mittens/gloves for the girl and me respectively, then headed to REI to get new hiking boots for the boy (because the cheap ones we bought in March done broke), to look at day packs (decided not to buy one), and maybe get some camping gear for the girl. We rolled in to the store at around 2, went to the climbing desk, and the guy said "Well, we just had two spots open up at 2:30, so you're in luck 'cause earlier it was full until 5." We jumped on that, then headed up stairs for a late lunch at World Wraps.

After eating we headed back down to the pinnacle. Maya and a 4-year-old boy were the only kids there, the boy went first, and freaked out about 6 feet up. Which isn't too surprising, what with him being 4 and all, and with 6 feet up being pretty darn high when you're 4. Maya, on the other hand, didn't freak at all. In fact, she seemed pretty darn natural at it. She's got long arms and legs, which definitely help in the rock climbing arena. She didn't make it to the top, but she did get about half way up before deciding to come down. And now she and Logan are keen to go back!

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merlin4012 said...

Does this bring new meaning to the phrase, "you rock!"? Well, Maya does indeed rock, regardless.