Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic impressions

So the Olympics are almost over, and while I've watched quite a bit of it I didn't quite equal the huge amount of viewing put in by my family. Mostly due to the fact that I have to go in to the office rather than working from home, but still. Here are my impressions, for what they're worth:

  1. That Michael Phelps dude can swim. I know, it's the obvious thing to say, but damn. I don't remember Mark Spitz in ' least, I don't remember specifically watching him, although I'm sure I did 'cause my sisters were all about the Olympics. But I do remember the 7-medal photo, and I remember the mustache. Clearly Phelps must grow one, if only for a photo op.
  2. That Usein Bolt dude can run. Again, it's obvious, but damn. I definitely remember watching Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson run, and Bolt is in another league. Sure, I prefer Tyson Gay's humility, but watching Bolt run is hypnotic.
  3. While I'll agree that there was too damn much TV coverage of Beach Volleyball, the pure exuberance of Keri Walsh when she and Misty May-Trainer (Trainor? One of those) won the gold kind of made up for it. They've won pretty much everything in their sport, but it was clear that she was unbelievably psyched to win that medal. And that's cool.
  4. While it's cool to watch, I'm not sure that BMX racing is really an Olympic sport. But then I agree with including Skier-X and Snowboard Cross in the winter games, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
  5. I'm not at all sad that neither the Men's nor the Women's US 4X100 relay teams made the final. In fact, I find the whole thing amusing.

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